Let’s Face It

Smart people like to work with other smart people!

Let's face it; you're that talented that you can probably work anywhere.

Not always an easy decision. Will you go for a large IT-company or for a small one? Will you join the hierarchical institution or the small and flat organization? Will you just work around the corner or drive 80 kilometers every day (and 80 kilometers back, by the way)?

Why work for a large IT-company?

  • Because they offer a personal treatment for each of their 500+ employees?
  • Because you enjoy collecting the "necessary" signatures whenever you simply want to read a relevant book?
  • Because you want to do your job anonymously, without being disturbed?
  • Because you just want to focus on that single technical aspect without all the interesting stuff around it?
  • Because you think that in a large company, everyone automatically becomes a manager at some point in time?
  • ...

Of course, there is the benefit of security working for a large company. But, to be honest, these benefits don't make any difference if you are a very good (say, the best) IT-professional.

So, why not to work for a small IT-company?

  • Because you have ideas and ambitions and want a context where you can realize them?
  • Because you like the weekly drinks with colleagues?
  • Because you want to be part of something more exciting?
  • Because you want to focus on all aspects of an IT-job? Analysis, Design, Coding ... and even Governance?
  • Because you can work with other smart people and learn a lot in a very short period of time?
  • ...

We, at Continuum, are a young, small company. Potentially, we could grow very fast, but we decided to focus on quality rather than quantity. Why? Mainly because we have been there; most of us have experienced working for large companies and for all the above reasons we returned to our roots.